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Battery Professionals is an importing company that has been active in the field of car batteries since 1978, based in Aegaleo. The two brothers started as executives of the first battery company in Greece, PAK and later TUDOR ELLINOSOUIDIKI until in 1978 they decided to open the company. Experts in the market and following the developments of technology offered and offer to the consumer selected products of the best manufacturers in the world in the field of batteries at the best prices. It started with the name AFOI KYRIAZI and in 2012 the company was renamed to Battery professionals and began to expand its imports into batteries for various other vehicles and machines, such as batteries for generators, photovoltaics, boats, trucks, military vehicles, etc. In addition to the introduction of new battery types, Battery professionals have introduced new technologies such as AGM, EFB and deep discharge to meet the needs of each new vehicle technology. With long-term experience, they advise and recommend the most suitable product for efficient and long-term performance in the car, commercial truck, boat, tractor, motorcycle and any other machine that moves with wet or dry elements, whether closed or open type.

Battery Professionals has been a supplier for a number of years to the Greek State, the Army, the Navy, public organizations as well as large DEKO companies and the private sector such as PPC, OTE, TAHYDROMIKOU TAMIEFTIRIO, HALYVOURGIA, ATTICA ODOS, etc., which have established the company AFOI KYRIAZI pioneer in the sales of batteries in Greece.


The company's vision is to offer the Greek market innovative, high-standard products with sophisticated production methods, safe and effective for simple daily needs and not.


The company's goal is to provide the best possible service to its existing and non-customers, always with quality and reasonable prices compared to the rest of the market.

The range of services provided by the company are:

  • The sale of batteries
  • Checking the batteries
  • Condition forecast and suggestion for which battery is suitable
  • Her replacement
  • The recycling
  • The technical support