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CTEK Smartpass 120s 12V

CTEK Smartpass 120s 12V
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  • Model: Smartpass 120s
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Device operation
Device operation Charger-maintainer
Technical Characteristics
Voltage 12V
Draftproof IP65
Length 197mm
Weight 0.70kg
Width 93mm
Ηeight 49mm
Charge current 80A
Warranty 2 years

The CTEK Smartpass 120s 12V is a smart battery charger and energy system manager. It distributes, controls and maximizes the available energy from your alternator to supply batteries and consume. The Smartpass 120s Battery Guard function ensures that critical equipment such as the radio, emergency lights and navigation systems always have power and are prioritized when the voltage on the service battery is low, disconnecting non-critical situations. The unit's Battery Guard will protect your battery from full discharge, and the built-in overheat protection reduces the charging current before the battery temperature gets too high. The Smartpass 120s is compatible with the D250SA and D250SE onboard chargers.


Advantages of CTEK Smartpass 120s 12V:

• The charger has built-in protection against short circuit, overheating, overcharging, overcharging

• The charger has reverse connection protection, which prevents electric shock.

• The charger can tell if the battery needs charging or maintenance.

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