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Warranty & Return Policy


The product warranty is provided exclusively by the online store

What does 12 months warranty mean?

12-month warranty means 100% coverage of the product for twelve months from the day of purchase.
The warranty is confirmed a) by the code found on the battery pole and b) by the document cut out on the day of purchase.

Excluded from warranty

1. Batteries that have lost their power due to the loss of the electrical and electronic system of the car or any other means of transport.
2.Batteries that have lost their power due to alternator failure or automatic alternator failure (undercharging)
3.Batteries that have lost their current due to excessive dynamo feeding (overcharging)
4.Battery that has been struck either at the terminals or in the container or has shorted terminals
5. Battery breakage
6. Batteries that have been sulfated
Sulfation is the phenomenon observed in batteries that have been left unused for a long time.

The phenomenon can be observed in new types of cars mainly that lose their current very easily due to immobility for more than (15) fifteen days).


The product will be replaced free of charge within the free replacement period from the date of purchase. The original sales receipt for the battery must be retained for any further claims.

The company shall have no liability under this limited warranty if the battery is damaged or destroyed as a result of any of the following events:

improper installation, damage or destruction from abusive overcharging, collision, theft, improper maintenance or bad battery management, natural forces such as wind, lightning, hail, etc. . any willful or negligent act; penetrating or opening the battery compartment in any way; contamination of the battery by any foreign matter. damage due to freezing, fire, flood or any acts of nature. Batteries should be given a refresh charge every 5-6 months, while in storage, before final installation. Batteries should be stored in a dry place with an ambient temperature of no more than 25 °C

What does 24 months warranty mean?

24-month warranty means the coverage of the product 100% in the first 18 months from the day of its purchase and is confirmed a) by the code on the battery pole and b) by the document that has been cut on the day of its purchase. balance of 6 months coverage is provided which corresponds to 30% of the purchase of the current price of a new product.


Product returns are not accepted except with proven fault of the company

The replacement will be performed only by the company.

All checks are made at the company's headquarters N. PLASTIRA 20 AEGALEO
The customer is responsible for paying all of the following costs associated with the replacement: labor for removal or installation? applicable taxes as well as any shipping or handling charges incurred when returning the battery to the company for evaluation.

Returns are accepted in the event that wrong products of poor and defective quality were sold after an inspection at the company's headquarters, an error in receiving the order, or in pricing, in cases where there was a problem or an actual defect in the product, which is covered by the product warranty which has been given only by the online store of AFOI KYRIAZI OE. For all the above cases, the maximum return period for replacement together with all the documents that accompanied it (Delivery Note, Invoice, Proof of Retail Coke) will be accepted within seven days (7) days. To avoid your own inconvenience a careful inspection is recommended at the time of delivery of your order in order to identify any obvious defects (eg broken merchandise or wrong type of coke) In the event that the return is not made within fourteen (14) days, the company does not accept any return or replacement.