The battery is a fundamental element of your car, and its selection is equally significant. Below, we present some essential elements to assist you in making an informed decision when purchasing the battery for your car.

Size, Capacity, and Starting Power:

  • Beyond its size, Ah (ampere-hours), indicating capacity, is crucial.
  • Starting power (A) is equally important and depends on the requirements of the car.

Car Technology:

  • Cars of old technology require batteries with a low charging rate.
  • New cars post-2002-2003 have a higher charging rate due to increased consumption, requiring specialized batteries

Battery Categories:

  1. Cylinder Capacity and Horsepower:
  • The balance between the cylinder capacity of the car and its usage is critical.
  • The constant 3.85 multiplied by horsepower (horses) provides the necessary starting amperes.

Origin Considerations:

  • Choose batteries from companies that meet ISO standards.
  • The origin is not always crucial; European and Korean markets offer competitive solutions.

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