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Victron Phoenix 12/250 VE. Direct Schuko

Victron Phoenix 12/250 VE. Direct Schuko PHOTOVOLTAICS
Victron Phoenix 12/250 VE. Direct Schuko
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  • Model: Phoenix 12/250 VE.
  • MPN: Phoenix 12/250 VE.
Technical Characteristics
Input voltage 12V
Output voltage 230V
Frequency 50Hz
Power rating 250VA
Continuous power in W @25°C 200W
Max starting power 400W
Length 86mm
Weight 2.4kg
Width 165mm
Ηeight 260mm
Maximum degree of performance 87%
Warranty 5 years

The Victron Phoenix Inverter is a single-phase pure sine wave inverter with 12V input voltage that covers with high efficiency the operation of loads up to 200W in total. Hybrid HR technology gives results that are fascinating. When in ECO mode, the inverter switches to standby mode when the load drops below a preset value, thus saving energy. The Phoenix 12/250 inverter is short-circuiting proof and protected against overheating, either due to overload or high ambient temperature. Ideal for autonomous photovoltaic systems.

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