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Jumper and charging cables

In this category you will find cables to connect to jumpers and chargers.

Heavy Duty car starting and charging cables. Suitable for all small and large displacement cars. From 200Amp - 500Amp...
Ex Tax:12.90€
The Noco GC017 is a 12V adapter plug with tweezers and connects directly to your battery through them. You can easily power your favorite 12 Volt devices, such as a vacuum cleaner, tire pump, etc. directly from your battery. It has fuse connections for increased safety and a watertight cover to prot..
Ex Tax:15.30€
Noco GC019 is 3.65m extension cable with 12V plug adapter. Extends the range of your favorite appliances such as a vacuum cleaner, tire pump and more. It is equipped with a waterproof cover to protect the 12 Volt female socket from the weather. It is made of 16AWG 15A 100% high conductivity copper w..
Ex Tax:18.55€
Heavy Duty Car Jump Starter and Charging Cables. Suitable for large displacement vehicles and trucks. From 200Amp to 500Amp...
Ex Tax:20.97€
The Noco GC004 is a 3.05m X-Connect extension cable that allows you to extend the reach of your battery charger and accessories, making it easier to reach hard-to-reach locations. Compatible with G750, G1100, G3500, G7200, G4, BLSOLAR2, BLSOLAR5, XGS4AUTO, XGS9AUTO..
Ex Tax:25.00€
The Noco HD Boost GBC003 are X-Connect battery clamps that allow a battery charger to be quickly connected to any battery. Replace a lost connector or add a conveniently located set for easy charging. Remove the grommets from the clamps to place the connectors on the battery for a quick connect acce..
Ex Tax:27.42€
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