The charging stages of a charger

When we go to buy a car, boat or truck charger we hear about the stages that the battery charger has, but what exactly are the stages and what are their benefits? First, it is worth mentioning that battery chargers do not have the same charging stages, and that this function is not available on all chargers.

According to the Wagan Corporation website, charging a car battery can involve up to 9 stages. These stages are:

1. Primary Evaluation (Diagnostic): Checking the battery for leaks or damage.

2. Recovery: Restore the battery to normal state.

3. Soft Start: Initial charging of the battery with a low charging rate.

4. Pulse: Charging the battery with intermittent current.

5. Reconditioning: Removing the rust from the battery plates.

6. Bulk Charge: Charging the battery with a high charging rate.

7. Absorption Charge: Charging the battery at a constant rate of charge.

8. Evaluation (Diagnostic): Repeated checking of the battery for leaks or damage.

9. Maintenance Charge: Charging the battery at a low charging rate to maintain the battery charge.

That is why it is very important to choose chargers with the highest specifications and with as many charging stages as possible. This will protect us from complications and wrong measurements during the reset of our battery.

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