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batteryprofessionals 29 Feb 0 193
When it comes time to choose a battery for our vehicle or machine, we are faced with the question of which technology to prefer. The main technologies found in batteries are conventional lead-acid, A..
batteryprofessionals 12 Jan 0 455
The charging stages of a charger When we go to buy a car, boat or truck charger we hear about the stages that the battery charger has, but what exactly are the stages and what are their benefits? Fir..
batteryprofessionals 28 Nov 0 235
The battery is a fundamental element of your car, and its selection is equally significant. Below, we present some essential elements to assist you in making an informed decision when purchasing the b..
batteryprofessionals 28 Nov 0 261
Because since 1978 we only deal with batteries! Because here we choose only quality batteries that will not leave any of our customers complaining! Because here you will find every kind and type o..
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