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Exide Dual ER650 12V 142Ah

Exide Dual ER650 12V 142Ah
Exide Dual ER650 12V 142Ah
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  • Model: ER650
  • MPN: ER650
General Characteristics
Voltage 12V
Capacity 142AH
Cold Cranking Amper 850A
Length 350mm
Width 175mm
Ηeight 290mm
Weight 35.00kg
Polarity Left(+)
Technology AGM
Warranty 12 months

The EXIDE DUAL AGM ER650 -12V 142AH 850 (EN) engine starting - is a sealed type battery, meaning it does not require any user maintenance. It also has zero liquid leakage and a long life, as it can withstand shocks and high discharge intensities at low temperatures and it is an ideal battery for your boat, for your agricultural machinery and even for your caravan.

Advantages of AGM

The advantages of an AGM battery are due to the absorbent glass mesh technology used to manufacture it. This technology allows the electrolyte to be absorbed by the battery plates, resulting in the following advantages:

Safety: they are watertight and there is no risk of liquid leakage, even in case of damage.

Reliability and lifetime: the battery plates are more compact and withstand shocks and high discharge intensities. This makes them more reliable and longer lasting than conventional liquid batteries.

Energy saving: they have a lower self-discharge rate than conventional batteries. This means they retain their charge for longer, even when not in use.