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Hankook DC24MF 12V 80Ah

Hankook DC24MF 12V 80Ah BATTERIES
Hankook DC24MF 12V 80Ah
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  • Model: DC24MF
  • MPN: DC24MF
Technical Characteristics
Voltage 12V
Capacity 80AH
Cold Cranking Amper 680A
Length 257mm
Weight 18.20kg
Width 173mm
Ηeight 200mm
Polarity Left(+)
Technology Lead-acid
Warranty 12 months

The Hankook DC24MF battery is a self-contained, zero-maintenance battery. It is built with high-quality materials and technology, providing reliable starting power, long life and excellent electrical performance as it has a capacity of 80 Ah and an electrical voltage of 12 V. Ideal for devices on board and for starting the engine.

The Hankook DC24MF battery offers many advantages for use on boats. The most important advantages include:

Reliable starting power: The Hankook DC24MF battery provides reliable starting power, even at low temperatures.

Long life: The Hankook DC24MF battery is designed to last, providing up to 5 years of life.

Excellent electrical performance: The Hankook DC24MF battery provides excellent electrical performance

Durability: The Hankook DC24MF battery is made of durable materials and can withstand the harsh conditions on a boat.

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