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Telwin Startzilla 9012 XT 12V

Telwin Startzilla 9012 XT 12V CHARGERS - JUMP STARTERS
Telwin Startzilla 9012 XT 12V
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  • Model: Startzilla 9012 XT
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Device operation
Device operation Starter
Technical Characteristics
Voltage 12V
Cold Cranking Amper 9000A(max)
Draftproof IP43
Length 155mm
Weight 3.96kg
Width 234mm
Ηeight 318mm
Warranty 12 months

Telwin Startzilla 9012 XT starter, power supply and tester, with lithium battery for starting 12V cars, trucks, small boats, trucks, etc. Performs control tests on battery charge level, terminal voltage, starting capability as well as alternator function checks.

Advantages of Telwin Startzilla 9012 XT:

Over Ride function: The starter has a function that allows starting in emergency situations when the battery is missing or completely discharged.

Stable and reliable power source for battery changes.

Protection: The starter protects against polarity reversal, short circuit and overvoltage

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