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Telwin Pulse 50 EVO 12V & 24V

Telwin Pulse 50 EVO 12V & 24V CHARGERS - JUMP STARTERS
Telwin Pulse 50 EVO 12V & 24V
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  • Model: Pulse 50 EVO
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Device operation
Device operation Charger-maintainer
Technical Characteristics
Voltage 12V-24V
Cold Cranking Amper 40A
Draftproof IP33
Power 610W
Length 92mm
Weight 3.13kg
Width 200mm
Ηeight 330mm
Charge current 45A
Warranty 12 months

Telwin Pulse 50 EVO is an electronic battery charger, tester and maintainer for 12V & 24V WET, GEL, AGM, MF, PbCa, EFB batteries. It has PULSE TRONIC charging and maintenance programs depending on the technology of the selected battery as well as an advanced function for charging and maintaining batteries at low temperatures. Activating the RECOVERY function allows resetting the sulfate batteries. The TEST function that helps the light operator to check the battery charge, the starting ability and the operation of the dynamo.

Advantages of Telwin Pulse 50 EVO:

  • Safety: The charger has built-in protection against short circuit, overheating, overcharging, overcharging
  • Protection: The charger has reverse connection protection, which prevents electric shock
  • LED indicator: The charger has LED indicators to display the charging status.
  • Automatic charging voltage adjustment: The charger has technology that allows it to recognize and adapt to needs

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