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Telwin Doctor Start 530 12V & 24V

Telwin Doctor Start 530 12V & 24V CHARGERS - JUMP STARTERS
Telwin Doctor Start 530 12V & 24V
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  • Model: Doctor Start 530
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Device operation
Device operation Charger-maintainer-starter
Technical Characteristics
Voltage 12V-24V
Cold Cranking Amper 50A
Power 1600W
Length 365mm
Weight 19.50kg
Width 460mm
Ηeight 755mm
Charge current 75A
Warranty 12 months

Σταθερή παροχή τάσης κατά την αλλαγή μπαταρίας ώστε να μην χάνονται οι μνήμες

Telwin Doctor Start 530 multifunctional electronic battery charger, starter and tester for 12/24V WET, GEL, AGM, MF, PbCa, EFB and Li batteries. Provides complete battery maintenance and quick starting of engines, cars, boats, tractors, excavators, trucks and light trucks. It is an essential tool for constant power supply during battery changes.

Advantages of Doctor Start 530 :

PULSE TRONIC function : The charger uses Pulse Tronic technology which is based on immediate, accurate diagnosis of the battery. The 8 charging stages of Pulse Tronic technology are based on intelligent monitoring and special "waveform" forms to maintain optimal charging and maintenance without causes alterations or modifications that damage the battery's chemical structure, even over prolonged periods.

Reconditioning – recovering and revitalizing all batteries to extend their life

On startup Tests battery and dynamo.

Stable voltage supply when changing the battery so that the memories are not lost

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