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Noco Genius 10 6V & 12V

Noco Genius 10 6V & 12V CHARGERS - JUMP STARTERS
Noco Genius 10 6V & 12V
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  • Model: Noco Genius 10
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Device operation
Device operation Charger-maintainer
Technical Characteristics
Voltage 6V-12V
Draftproof IP65
Power 150W
Length 183mm
Weight 1.50kg
Width 59mm
Ηeight 94mm
Charge current 10A
Warranty 3 years


The Noco Genius 10 charger is an automatic smart charger, maintainer and power supply of 6V and 12V batteries with temperature compensation,. It is suitable for all types of car batteries, marine batteries and deep discharge batteries, including Gel, AGM and Lithium batteries.


• Automatic charging: The charger uses algorithms to determine the type of battery and select the appropriate charging mode.

• Battery maintenance: The charger keeps the battery in a fully charged state, preventing sulfuric acid build-up and extending battery life.

• Power supply: The charger can be used as a power supply to supply constant voltage and current to various devices.


• Ideal for professionals and individuals

• Adapts to all types of batteries

• It has automated functions for easy use

• It is durable and has a long life

• Protection against short circuit, overcharge, overheating, sparks and open circuit.


Ideal for liquid, lithium, calcium, MF, Gel, EFB & AGM batteries


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