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Yuasa NPL 100-12 12V 100Ah

Yuasa NPL 100-12 12V 100Ah BATTERIES
Yuasa NPL 100-12 12V 100Ah
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  • Model: NPL 100-12
  • MPN: NPL 100-12
Technical Characteristics
Voltage 12V
Capacity 100AH
Length 407mm
Weight 39.00kg
Width 172mm
Ηeight 240mm
Polarity Right(+)
Warranty 12 months

The Yuasa NPL 100-12 is a closed type battery with a voltage of 12V and a capacity of 100AH. It is a rechargeable VRLA battery and is used to store energy for daily use. The deep discharge capability is due to the thick lead plates, which resist corrosion. Due to the completely sealed construction and the recombination of the gases within the cells, the battery needs almost no maintenance and can be placed in any position. VRLA batteries are multi-purpose and suitable for cyclic or service applications.

The main features of the NPL series are:

• Excellent deep discharge recovery.

• Electrolyte suspension system.

• Recombination of gases.

• Multi-purpose: circular or service applications.

• Placement in any position (except for continuous use with the battery upside down).

• Higher energy density.

• Calcium lead mesh for longer life.

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