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Yuasa TTZ7S 12V 6Ah

Yuasa TTZ7S 12V 6Ah
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  • Model: TTZ7S
  • MPN: TTZ7S
Technical Characteristics
Voltage 12V
Capacity 6AH
Cold Cranking Amper 130A
Length 113mm
Weight 2.10kg
Width 70mm
Ηeight 105mm
Polarity Right(+)
Technology Gel
Warranty 6 months

Yuasa's TTZ7S battery is a 12V 6Ah motorcycle battery with a maintenance-free sealed type battery, as there is no need to add fluid or check its level. It has AGM lead-acid technology which offers three times the durability compared to conventional batteries.


Excellent performance in cold weather: The battery has a high energy density, which allows it to provide strong starting current even at low temperatures.

Long life: The battery is made with high-quality materials and technologies, which ensure a long life of up to three times more than a conventional battery.

Maximum vibration resistance: The battery is designed to withstand high levels of vibration, which makes it ideal for use on motorcycles

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