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Sunlight SPA 12-1.3 12V 1.3AH

Sunlight SPA 12-1.3 12V 1.3AH BATTERIES
Sunlight SPA 12-1.3 12V 1.3AH
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  • Model: SPA 12-1.3
  • MPN: SPA 12-1.3
Technical Characteristics
Voltage 12V
Capacity 1.3AH
Length 97mm
Weight 0.52kg
Width 43mm
Ηeight 58mm
Polarity Left(+)
Technology AGM
Warranty 12 months

The Sunlight SPA 12-1.3 -12V 1.3AH- battery is a sealed lead-acid (VRLA) rechargeable battery with AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology, which uses glass wool to absorb the electrolyte. This provides a number of benefits including:

Increased safety: The battery is safe to transport and store, as there is no risk of electrolyte leakage.

Longer life: AGM technology helps keep the electrolyte in a better condition, thus extending the life of the battery.

Optimal performance: The battery provides stable performance over a wide range of temperatures.

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