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Banner Power Bull P4523 12V 45Ah

Banner Power Bull P4523 12V 45Ah BATTERIES
Banner Power Bull P4523 12V 45Ah
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  • Model: P4523
  • MPN: P4523
Technical Characteristics
Voltage 12V
Capacity 45AH
Cold Cranking Amper 390A
Length 238mm
Weight 12.00kg
Width 129mm
Ηeight 225mm
Polarity Right(+)
Type Japanese
Technology Lead-acid
Warranty 2 years

The Banner Power Bull PRO P4523 battery -12V 45Ah 390CCA (EN) starting engine- is a maintenance-free lead-acid battery. 

The main characteristics of the battery are:

Maintenance Free: No need to check the fluid level or top up.

Large capacity: It can provide enough energy to start the engine, provide electricity to the vehicle's systems and power the electrical components.

High starting current: It can start the motor even at low temperatures.

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