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Solite EFB 60 12V 60Ah

Solite EFB 60 12V 60Ah
Solite EFB 60 12V 60Ah
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  • Model: EFB 60
  • MPN: EFB 60
General Characteristics
Voltage 12V
Capacity 60AH
Cold Cranking Amper 560A
Length 242mm
Width 175mm
Ηeight 190mm
Weight 16.10kg
Polarity Right(+)
Technology EFB
Warranty 2 years

Solite EFB 60 12V 60Ah is a sealed lead-acid battery, maintenance-free. It is of the AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) type, which means that the electrolyte is encased in a glass wool. It offers reliable starting power, long life and incredible electrical performance, features that make it one of the most stable starting batteries in the world. It has an explosion-proof gas release valve for safe use.

Tags: car battery , 12V , 60AH