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Holang EFB 70 12V 70Ah

Holang EFB 70 12V 70Ah BATTERIES
Holang EFB 70 12V 70Ah
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  • Model: EFB 70
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Technical Characteristics
Voltage 12V
Capacity 70AH
Cold Cranking Amper 660A
Length 278mm
Weight 19.40kg
Width 175mm
Ηeight 190mm
Polarity Right(+)
Technology EFB
Warranty 12 months

The Holang EFB 70 - 12V 70Ah - 660CCA  battery is a zero-maintenance EFB type battery designed for use in start-stop vehicles. EFB technology is based on improved lead grids and a higher concentration of sulfuric acid, which offer significant advantages over conventional lead-acid batteries, such as:

Increased starting power: it has a higher starting power than conventional batteries, which allows the vehicle to start easily, even at low temperatures. This is achieved thanks to the higher energy density of the lead grid and the higher concentration of sulfuric acid.

• Long life: EFB technology offers up to 3 times longer life than conventional lead-acid batteries, thanks to its higher resistance to discharge-charge cycles. This is achieved thanks to the higher corrosion resistance of the lead mesh.

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